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Closure Example

All functions in JavaScript are closures. They will retain their state while there is still a reference...

React Example

A simple example of using ReactJS in the browser

Custom Elements

An example of writing a custom HTML element

Shadow Dom

A Web Component that uses the Shadow Dom.

Javascript Rest Operator Demo

A demonstration of JavaScript rest operator as a parameter to a function. Notice how ... args is grouped...

Fat Arrow Functionception

A JavaScript fat arrow function as parameter to a function that takes and executes a function.

Jquery Css Syntax

A JQuery CSS Syntax example that uses with multiple rules.

Async Fetch Example

Use fetch and async await to fetch data from url.

Use Filter In Js To Get Odd Numbers

This nifty JavaScript function will return add numbers from a set of numbers.

Proton Test

A test for Proton

Even Or Odd Characters From String In Javascript

A JavaScript function to output even or odd characters from a string.

Accessing Object Properties

Accessing Object properties demo from Reddit.

Jquery Style Method Chaining In Vanilla Js

A demonstration of class based method chaining in vanilla JavaScript.